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We the Newbies Group! D&D Basic Game(miniatures)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:55 am
by MarkSimms
Hey Im a newbie. and I thought all us newbies could form our own newbie group, and learn together? This group will be for learning, and playing, so mistakes are bound to be many, lets Have some fun.

I would like to keep the group involved in the simple D&D BASIC GAME(miniatues) as is so easy for us newbies,Ive played the D&D Basic game first encounter(just 4 figs fighting 2 orcs) so Im new! the Basic game comes with everything you need to play,12 painted miatures,4 double sided dungeon tiles,4 hero booklets,1 dungeon master booklet,1 counter sheet,6 dice,1 advanced rule book, and is cheap.

It seems we need GMs and Players, I think I would like to DM or play , but I know nothing, I can DM useing the Basic game booklet its easy. so lets adventure together?

I suppose I could make up little encounters and use these simplified Rules, so you probably dont need anything! except the D&D BASIC GAME and time. I have a GM CLient and Floating Licenses, so if you want to join-up just download demo 1.1b and contact me.

I wont be useing chat software other than what is in BRPG. and after any interest I will try and prepare a game its new to me so it may take time. I believe the BASIC GAME is based on AD&D3.5, so it will serve as an intro aswell. The charectors are pre-made to a low detail level, and the encounters are simple, but could all be advanced.

Mark PM me?


Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:20 am
by MarkSimms
Im not looking to start a game at the moment as work is a little bit time consuming at the moment