Gothic RP-Open Game, 4 FL

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Gothic RP-Open Game, 4 FL

Post by dunadin777 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:16 pm

The Gothic RP rulebook is almost complete. My wife and I are editing the first draft now, so I think it's time to formally start advertising my Gothic RP game. It is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, which is a diverse but distinctly gothic setting, and will revolve around deadly scenarios and interesting characters and plots.

What to expect: Players can expect a deadly style of combat that downplays recovery from the original Inquisitor rules set. That means a few solid shots could kill or maim your character(s). As such, characters may be created to replace lost ones. Also, this roleplaying ruleset does not encourage rampant leveling or power-gaming, since I, as a GM, prefer to have weak, interesting characters who respond to villains naturally as opposed to having to constantly come up with tougher villains to confront players. As far as the player characters' role, there are several options: the group can be connected with the Imperium directly, probably as members of the Inquisition, or they can be civilians falling under the broad Rogue Trader category. I prefer the concept of having PCs fall under the Inquisition, but if the players have suggestions or requests, I'd be happy to consider them.

What to bring: I will have 4 floating licenses available for players who need them, and I will be supplying any interested players with the rules shortly. Ventrilo will be used, provided I successfully test out how to create a server with it.

When: I will put up specifics about the first game soon, but here is what I am planning/working on right now. The first scenario(which will hopefully be in the next week or two) will be purely introductory, involving a squad of Imperial Guard investigating a civilian freighter. This will give players a chance to try out the rules, will give me a first session as GM to work out any major kinks, and will allow the players time and inspiration before committing to any character ideas they may have.

So, that's the scoop. Please note me or e-mail me with GRP in the topic if you are interested. If you would like more information on the setting, check out or ask me. Oh, and here's a teaser for you guys...
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