Future RPGs Robot Battle decider,tool for added fun

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Future RPGs Robot Battle decider,tool for added fun

Post by MarkSimms » Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:04 am

If your playing a future Nuclear holocost RPG & need to decide who wins a Robot type of problem, here is an interesting way instead of diceing it. I found you can Play your future RPG at the same time.

RobotMinds is a simulation of a tournament in which programmable robots compete. Each robot's objective is to find its way out of a maze to its home tile. The robots have sensors, and can act on what they sense. There are toxic tiles and radiation from other robots that will destroy robots if exposed to it for too long. The robots can be programmed by way of four screens of checkboxes representing binary switches, so you can program a robot with no knowledge of any programming languages. You can lay walls or full maps to restrict movement.
Here is the Link

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