Modern Zombies

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Steel Rat
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Modern Zombies

Post by Steel Rat » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:54 pm

Hello All,

Figured I would post some stuff here. All items I'll be posting are housed at

First, some modern zombies, though many could be used for any genre.

This is a zipped collection of 51 objects: Zipped Collection Modern Zombies set 1

And here is a sample contact sheet:

Steel Rat
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Post by heruca » Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:28 pm

Man, just seeing these again makes me want to play a Dawn of the Dead adventure.
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Post by cyberunner8 » Sat May 05, 2012 8:16 am

A nice selection of rotters you have there! I look forward to throwing them against my PC's.

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