BRPG v1.1a beta released

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BRPG v1.1a beta released

Post by heruca » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:38 pm

BRPG v1.1a is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being. If nothing major is found to be wrong with it in the next week or two, I'll take it out of beta and it will become the default BRPG download. And if something is wrong with it, I'll fix it and re-release it.

This is a full install, not a patch.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Added more tool behavior options to the drawing tools introduced in v1.1.
¢ Added an Undo/Redo feature.
¢ Units may now be moved off the map grid.
¢ Added an Encounter, a Deployment file, and a media asset bundle that can be used to add numbered grids on square-gridded maps.
¢ Bug fixes

As usual, see the included ReadMe file for more details.

Download BRPG v1.1a here:
(be sure to get the right one for your platform)

Installation instructions are included in each zip file.
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