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BRPG v1.3 beta released

Post by heruca » Sun Aug 03, 2008 11:26 pm

BRPG v1.3 is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

This is a full install, not a patch.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Units may now have multiple tokens attached to them
¢ The Turn Sequencer has been completely redesigned. It is now a highly-configurable, auto-sorting combat manager, and even supports games with turns that are broken down into separate phases
¢ Added a Turn Sequencer Setup Wizard, for easy customization of BRPG to best support your favorite game systems
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters has changed since v1.2g. Encounters created in older versions of BRPG will be automatically updated to the new format when loaded. The format for Deployments has also changed, and Deployment files will also be automatically updated to the new format when loaded.

As usual, see the included ReadMe file for more details.

Download BRPG v1.3 here:
Windows version (ZIP)
Mac version (DMG format)

Installation instructions are included in each download.
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Post by heruca » Sun Aug 03, 2008 11:32 pm

Although the ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.3 download, some people might find it useful to see the changes & additions prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Units may now have multiple tokens assigned to them.
¢ Added a "Token" submenu to the contextual popup menu for all units, which lists all the token art attached to the unit. Users can simply select from this submenu which token they want currently displayed. The submenu also has commands to add a new token and to clear all tokens except for the base token.
¢ The [>] and [<] hotkeys can be used to step through a selected unit's tokens.
¢ Units can now store multiple values for the following parameters: Rotation, Scale, Horizontal Offset, Vertical Offset (and in the case of figures, Base Size). This allows multiple tokens to be used even if the parameters for the different token artwork need to be different.
¢ Updated the code for exporting external media bundles so that any additional tokens used by any deployed units are included in the bundles.
¢ Created high-resolution action pose tokens of the four figure tokens used in the sample Deployment file, "Standard PC Marching Order.bgd".
¢ Updated the sample Deployment files, "PC Marching Order, Square.bgd" and "PC Marching Order, Hex.bgd", to use multiple tokens per figure.
¢ Added a new command to a unit's contextual popup menu that lets the unit owner select the unit's disposition to the party (Friendly, Hostile, or Neutral).
¢ The Turn Sequencer has been completely revamped. It is now a highly-configurable, self-sorting, table-based list, and can be opened independently of other panels. It can also be resized, and remembers its size and location between game sessions. Both turn and phase mechanics are supported.
¢ Each row on the Turn Sequencer is color-coded according to the unit's disposition to the party (Green for Friendly, Red for Hostile, and Grey for Neutral).
¢ The GM (or unit-owner) can easily edit the values for any unit by clicking on the unit's row.
¢ The old Turn Sequencer has been removed.
¢ Added a new property to units which determines whether a given unit is included in the Turn Sequencer or not. This means that objects may now be listed in the Turn Sequencer (e.g., vehicle tokens or spaceship tokens). This also allows for non-combatant figures to be deployed on the map without cluttering up the Turn Sequencer.
¢ Control-clicking on a unit in the Turn Sequencer will auto-center the map on that unit (exception: players cannot auto-center on hidden or GM-controlled units). Mac users: use option-click instead.
¢ Added a "Turn Sequencer Setup Wizard", a panel that guides the GM through a number of steps required to configure and customize the Turn Sequencer to best support the specific game being played. These settings may be saved and loaded by the GM, much like dice macros.
¢ Updated the automatic Encounter updating code to support the new v1.3 Encounter format.
¢ Updated the automatic Deployment updating code to support the new v1.3 Deployment format.
¢ Updated the sample Encounter files that are included with BRPG to the new v1.3 Encounter format.
¢ Updated the sample Deployment files that are included with BRPG to the new v1.3 Deployment format.
¢ Added a new sample Encounter and sample Deployment, to show off BRPG's token-swapping capabilities, while promoting Wyldfurr's multi-pose token sets.
¢ Change: The map is now the last element added to an external media bundle, and the Fog of War Overlay (if any) is the next-to-last element added. This change allows for slightly better feedback while importing a media bundle.
¢ Change: Moved the "Map Settings" command from the BG button's popup menu to the popup menu that appears when you double-click on the map. This is a more logical place for it, and should provide GM's faster access to it whenever it's needed.
¢ Change: Custom card decks whose cards are over 200 pixels wide are now considered to be in landscape orientation. The Deck and the Discard Pile will be spread out further to avoid them overlapping, and cards in a player's Hand or in play will be spread out more, also to avoid overlap.
¢ Change: The Commands panel no longer has a close box in its title bar. Instead, there is now a "Command Panel" command in the BG button's popup menu, which can be used to toggle it open or closed.
¢ Change: Tweaked a setting in the BRPG INI file to improve performance.
¢ Bug fix: Imported bitmaps with extreme horizontal or vertical offsets no longer overflow the thumbnail preview area of the file browser panel.
¢ Bug fix: The red highlight in the chat window's Participants List now disappears if an empty area of the list is clicked.
¢ Bug fix: If the GM selects the "Discard Entire Hand" command from a card's contextual popup menu, it no longer discards ALL the cards held by ALL the NPCs that the GM controls.
¢ Bug fix: Addressed several cases where the magnified card in the upper right corner of the Card Table window would not disappear from view after the mouse was released or after executing a command from the contextual popup menu.
¢ Bug fix: Free Floating objects are now cleared from the map immediately whenever a new Encounter is loaded, when the "Clear All Units" command is selected, when a game state update is received by a player, and when a player disconnects from a game. In earlier versions there used to be a significant delay before Free Floating objects were cleared from the map.
¢ Bug fix: External media bundles no longer contain duplicate media. This used to happen when the same art was used by multiple units (e.g. 10 identical wooden doors on a map resulted in 10 copies of the wooden door artwork being included in the media bundle). This should help keep file sizes down on external media bundles.
¢ Bug fix: The "Blackout Client Screens" button on the Fog of War panel now properly updates on both the GM Client and on any connected clients. The text on the button is now bolded when Blackout is engaged, to make it's state more clear, since on certain OS's and themes, the beveled buttons look very similar whether they are on or off.
¢ Bug fix: System-generated messages announcing who's turn it is to act in the Chat window now show a properly filtered name, based on permissions. For example, if a figure is called "Goblin [10]", it will not show the "[10]" portion of the figure's name on the players' screens.
¢ Bug fix: The Movement Guide no longer slides along with a sliding unit unless the sliding unit is the currently selected unit.
¢ Bug fix: Cloned objects and cloned figures were not inheriting all values from the original objects and figures.
¢ Bug fix: Setting a figure's owner from the "Edit Figure" panel now works properly.
¢ Bug fix: Selecting a unit will now properly deselect any prior unit selections, unless you are doing a multi-unit selection.
¢ Bug fix: Drawn shapes and text labels are now saved properly so that they remain available when an Encounter that uses them is re-loaded.
¢ Bug fix: Text labels will now transfer to connected clients.
¢ Bug fix: The Commands panel will now auto-hide when BRPG loses focus, so as not to clutter the screen when you switch to another program. It also reappears when BRPG regains focus, if the panel had been left open.
¢ Bug fix: Re-coded the positioning of the zoomed playing card so that it's always tucked nicely into the top right corner of the Card Table window, regardless of the dimensions of the card's bitmap.
¢ Bug fix: The Help button on the Commands panel now updates properly if the Help popup is dismissed by clicking on it.
¢ Bug fix: On Windows OS, the Commands panel no longer appears in a separate tab on the Task Bar.
¢ Bug fix: Fog of War Overlays should now render with the proper image, instead of in plain black.
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Post by Omnidon » Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:39 am

Careful heruca, your changelog might bloat the filesize :mrgreen:

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Post by Kepli » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:42 am

Excellent ... time to start using a newer version :wink:

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