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BRPG v1.4g beta released

Post by heruca » Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:39 am

BRPG v1.4g is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ More animated sliding and rotating effects on both the local client and on remote clients
¢ Added three new auto-sorting options for the Turn Sequencer
¢ Dice macros can now have a visual reference (e.g., a chart or table) that users can consult before and/or after making a roll
¢ More map panning and zooming options, and faster performance while panning or zooming the map
¢ Speed optimizations allow for hundreds of units on the map without the program slowing to a crawl
¢ The mousewheel can now be used to scroll the chat log and the Turn Sequencer
¢ Improved the unit auto-naming feature
¢ Enhanced Flash-BRPG communication
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters and Deployments has not changed since v1.4f. The "User Cast.cxt" file has not changed since v1.4f, so copying over the "User Cast.cxt" file from that BRPG installation may be a fast and efficient way to preserve your imported media.

This is a full install. A patch version might be made available at a later date.

Download BRPG v1.4g here:
Windows version (124.7 MB)
Mac version (129.5 MB)

Installation instructions are included in each download.

Although the ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.4g download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Enhanced Flash->Director and Director->Flash communication, and added the ability for Flash units to set values and properties of BRPG units.
¢ Change: Removed the "shrinking" animated effect that was shown while deleting a unit.
¢ Change: Figures are no longer required to have a unique name (but they are still required to have a name).
¢ Change: The hotkeys that used to swap tokens on the selected unit ([Shift-> and [Shift->]) now swap it's portrait art, instead. Swapping tokens is now done with the [<] and [>] hotkeys (i.e., without the Shift key).
¢ Holding down the Shift key while panning the map with the arrow keys now pans the map nearly one screen's worth per key press (similar to how the Page Up and Page Down keys work in other programs).
¢ Holding down the Shift key while zooming in or out on the map with the arrow keys now zooms the map in or out in 50% increments.
¢ Optimization: Dragging the map while there are many units on the map is now significantly faster.
¢ Optimization: Units are now drawn faster. When all units need to be redrawn (such as when the zoom level is changed), performance is significantly faster, especially if there are a lot of units on the map.
¢ Optimization: Most unit updates no longer cause the Turn Sequencer to refresh.
¢ Added safeguards to the Turn Sequencer in case the Turn Sequencer was closed (whether via hotkey, the Command panel, or the Close button) while a row was being edited, to ensure that the edited information is saved and that the Turn Sequencer is not still in edit mode when it is next opened.
¢ Added three new sorting options for the Turn Sequencer: "Token Name (Alphabetical)", "Disposition", and "Status". These are particularly useful if you wish to use the Turn Sequencer just for tracking unit data, and not for actual turn sequencing.
¢ A visual reference (generally a chart or table) can now be assigned to a dice macro as a "Reference". This makes it easy to consult a chart, table, or other bitmap after rolling the dice. Clicking on the "Choose..." button in the Reference section of the Dice Macro Configuration screen lets you browse all the charts and tables in the Library folder, including those in artpacks. Shift-clicking on the "Choose..." button in the Reference section of the Dice Macro Configuration screen lets you browse all the images in the Visual Aids folder, including those in artpacks. Clicking on the name of the Reference file chosen opens the referenced item in the Library window (it can be useful for deciding what modifiers to apply to a die roll). A "Clear" button in the Reference section of the Dice Macro Configuration screen lets you remove the Reference from a dice macro. If a dice macro is rolled that has a reference item attached to it, the Die Roll Results screen will have a "View Reference" button on it (just above the buttons for navigating the Dice Roll History. Clicking on the "View Reference" button opens the referenced item in the Library window (which appears above the die roller window, and is useful for large charts that need panning). Shift-clicking on the "View Reference" button opens the referenced item as a Visual Aid, instead (which appears under the Dice Roller window, but is useful for charts that you want to stick around).
¢ The popup menu for selecting a reference table for a dice macro now uses a smaller font, to allow longer file names to be listed fully without being cropped.
¢ The unit auto-naming feature has been improved, and sequential auto-naming of units now works for up to 150 similarly-named units.
¢ The GM can now temporarily disable unit auto-naming while loading a deployment by holding down the Shift key while he presses the "Load" button.
¢ The mousewheel now scrolls the chat output pane up or down when the mouse cursor is over that pane (rather than zoom the map in or out).
¢ The mousewheel can now be used to scroll the Turn Sequencer when the mouse cursor is over the Turn Sequencer list. Hold down a modifier key (the Command key on Mac OS, or the Control key on Windows) to scroll the Turn Sequencer horizontally instead of vertically.
¢ Added a new command in a unit's contextual popup menu, called "Edit in Turn Sequencer". This command only appears if the unit is already included in the Turn Sequencer. Selecting this command opens the Turn Sequencer (if it's not already open), selects the unit in question, and puts that row of the Turn Sequencer into Edit Mode, ready to accept new data. This should help avoid confusion over which unit is which when you have to adjust a particular minion's HP, or whatever.
¢ If the GM holds down the Shift key while triggering an audio clip attached to a unit, that audio clip will now play with looping enabled.
¢ Added two new options ("Squares" and "Hexes") to the "Map Scale Units.txt" Preferences file, for games that require you to measure distances in cells.
¢ Objects that are rotated by a remote user now animate to their new orientation.
¢ Objects that are moved by a remote user now animate to their new position.
¢ Holding down the Control and Alt keys (the Command key and the Control key on a Mac) while rotating a unit/s with the mousewheel will rotate the unit/s in 90 degree increments.
¢ Change: The BG button has been moved closer to the left edge of the screen.
¢ Change: Switching groups in the Participants List in the Chat window is now done by right-clicking on a group name (rather than double-clicking a group name while holding down the Shift key).
¢ Change: Rotating or moving a unit via hotkey now requires the rotation or sliding animation to finish before that hotkey is accepted again. This change was made to ensure that remote clients remain in sync and that units remain in the same relative position when moving from cell to cell.
¢ Change: Holding down the Control key while rotating an object now rotates the object in 90 degree increments.
¢ Holding down the Shift key while selecting the "Resend Missing Map Pieces" command now forces the entire map to be re-sent, rather than just the missing map rows.
¢ Added a "Force Full Update" command to the GM Client, to help troubleshoot any problems with the player clients being out-of-sync with the GM. This command appears in the popup menu that shows when the GM double-clicks on the map, and the command is disabled if the GM is not hosting, or if he is hosting but no players have logged in.
¢ Pressing Shift-Return while the "End My Turn" or "Step the Sequence" button is showing will end your turn, as long as the Chat window does not currently have focus.
¢ Bug fix: Purging an individual media asset now works as expected (it no longer purges the last item in the User Cast instead of the asset being previewed).
¢ Bug fix: Cloning a unit with multiple tokens now works correctly.
¢ Bug fix: Since filenames over 27 characters long are not supported by BRPG's import functions, BRPG will now truncate the name of any asset imported to the first 27 characters of a longer filename.
¢ Bug fix: AoEs attached to objects now display properly.
¢ Bug fix: Reference tables for looking up die roll results now support open-ended rolls in the negative range (e.g., "-2<").
¢ Bug fix: The "Deleting figures requires confirmation" checkbox setting on the second Preferences screen is now properly saved.
¢ Bug fix: Fixed a cosmetic glitch. The cell highlight graphic was briefly appearing in the wrong place after dragging the map with the mouse when snap-to-grid was enabled.
¢ Bug fix: The "Token Name" column in Turn Sequencer was not being updated after renaming a unit in the "Edit Figure" or "Edit Object" panel.
¢ Bug fix: Addressed several cosmetic issues that could occur if a user chooses to view the Dice Roll History when there are no dice rolls in the History yet.
¢ Bug fix: The "Save Deployment" button in the Command panel no longer remains enabled after the last unit is deleted from the map.
¢ Bug fix: If the GM fudges a roll and a player receiving the roll uses the "Reroll" button on the Dice Roll Results screen, the reroll will no longer be fudged.
¢ Bug fix: The placeholder map for the GM is no longer misplaced on the map screen.
¢ Bug fix: Hidden units no longer become visible after editing them.
¢ Bug fix: Units on a square grid no longer snap-to-grid until they are moved at least one pixel in any direction.
¢ Bug fix: The Chat window no longer reports who's turn it is to act after a game-state update if the active unit has not changed since the last time the sequence was stepped.
¢ Bug fix: The grid overlay was sometimes not being properly cropped and resized to match the size of the map.
¢ Bug fix: Addressed an issue that could cause the Manual Fog of War layer to not render properly after using the Measure Range function in multi-player game sessions.
¢ Bug fix: If the GM has opted to include text labels in the Notes column of the Turn Sequencer, the players can now see them, too.
¢ Bug fix: If the GM has opted to use hidden columns in the Turn Sequencer (values set to be visible to the GM only), it should no longer cause the Notes column to not display properly. The hidden column will appear on the Players' Turn Sequencer, but it won't show any data.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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Post by heruca » Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:03 am

Several bugs in v1.4g have been brought to my attention (this may be the worst of them), so expect v1.4h fairly soon to address these problems. Within a week, I expect.

If you plan to play an actual game session with v1.4g in the meantime, please familiarize yourself with the workarounds that have been suggested in each bug report.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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