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BRPG v1.5a beta released

Post by heruca » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:12 pm

BRPG v1.5a is now available for download. It is to be considered in beta status for the time being.

The main features of this update are:
¢ Maps which have a grid that does not start in the upper left corner can now be properly adjusted via Map Offsets
¢ Enhancements to the "Lock" and "Tile" features
¢ Faster performance when zooming in or out
¢ Units can now be initially placed on top of other units
¢ Bug fixes

The format for Encounters and Deployments has changed since v1.5. Encounters and Deployment files created in older versions of BRPG will be automatically updated to the new format when loaded. The "User Cast.cxt" file has not changed since v1.4L, so copying over the "User Cast.cxt" file from a prior BRPG version may be a fast and efficient way to preserve your media if you are updating from that version of BRPG.

BRPG v1.5a is currently only available as a patch for v1.5. You must already have v1.5 installed in order to use this patch.

BRPG v1.5a Patch for Mac & Windows (3.9 MB)

How to "install" this patch: Unzip the downloaded file, then simply move the included files into the corresponding BRPG v1.5 folders, overwriting the existing files when prompted.


Although a ReadMe file with the information below is contained in the v1.5a download, some people might find it useful to see the changes prior to downloading the zip file.

Version History:

¢ Added the ability to set Map Offsets (via the Map Settings panel), to ensure that the snap-to-grid feature works well when a particular map has a grid on it that does not begin exactly in the top left corner of the map.
¢ The selection marquee now works over an object that has been set to "Tile".
¢ You can now scroll the map by right-clicking and dragging on an object that has been set to "Tile" or "Lock".
¢ You can now access the map popup menu by double-clicking on an object that has been set to "Tile" or "Lock".
¢ Removed artificial "map edge" limits when moving a multi-unit selection using the number keys.
¢ Optimized map zooming for faster performance.
¢ Change: Units can now be initially placed on top of other units (via a double-click for a standard deployment, or via copy & paste).
¢ Bug fix: Fixed an issue that was causing a dice macro to not autoroll, and causing a dice macro to autoroll when the user only wanted to load it for editing prior to rolling.
¢ Bug fix: Units with dice macros attached to them that have a modifier to the die roll now load properly the first time the dice macro is activated.
¢ Bug fix: The Turn Sequencer is no longer updated when rolling dice if no TS values are being changed by the dice macro.
¢ Bug fix: The "Library" window was not resizing properly to account for the size of the image to be displayed.
¢ Bug fix: When an image is purged, any units on the map that were using that image are now redrawn with a placeholder token.
¢ Bug fix: When an image is imported, any units that require that image but where showing a placeholder token are now immediately redrawn to use the new image.
¢ Bug fix: The grid overlay was disappearing when an Encounter was loaded if the Encounter used a map from an artpack and was saved in a prior BRPG session.
¢ Bug fix: Sometimes, the wrong Fog of War Overlay was loading when using either of the Ravenlands artpacks. The problem was in the program code, not in the artpacks themselves, so GMs using these artpacks need not re-download them.
¢ Bug fix: Sometimes the wrong map was loading on a connected player client if the GM was using a map from an artpack. It was even possible that a map from a different artpack would be displayed.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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