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A message from the developer

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 12:40 am
by heruca
I would like your feedback on what you think of BRPG's feature list, the screenshots, the licensing scheme, the web site - in short, everything. How can BRPG make your gaming experience the best it can possibly be? Thought of a feature or three you would like added? Share your ideas!

My intent is to establish a community where users of the Battlegrounds Games software can actively participate in its development and expansion. The "User Creations" section of these forums will serve as a central repository for all user-created add-ons to the Battlegrounds game engines. There you will find new maps, figures, objects, and other goodies that you can use in your own games. Register with the forum to gain access to the "User Creations" section.

The idea is that if everyone contributes, even just a little bit, then those contributions will really add up, and everyone will enjoy the benefits of a more powerful and useful toolset to enhance their games with.