Drawing & Marker Tools

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Drawing & Marker Tools

Post by Omnidon » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:53 pm

Relevant to BRPG version: 1.3

BRPG v1 has basic drawing tools. Requests for more advanced drawing tools are common, and while BRPG is not intended to become a comprehensive mapping application, v2 should have far more powerful options in this area.
  • Eraser
    It's important to be able to selectively erase portions of what has been drawn, rather than having to delete and redo the entire thing.
  • Undo/Redo
    Now that BRPG has drawing tools, undo/redo capabilites are becoming even more important. See Undo/Redo.
  • Drawing layer -- Confirmed v2 feature
    Because drawing tools were added to BRPG v1 later in development, support for them is a bit ad-hoc. They currently appear as objects and tend to clutter up the unit manager and interface. BRPG v2 will have a separate drawing layer(s) and a better interface for managing your drawings. There will likely still be a way to deploy drawings as objects, however.
  • Merge Tool
    Until there is a drawing layer, it would be nice to have the ability to merge multiple drawings into a single sprite.
  • Synchronize
    Similarly, it would be nice to be able to link drawings to existing figures & objects. See Unit Management.
  • Stamp Tool -- Confirmed v2 feature
    The ability to stamp tiles and textures onto the map would greatly enhance BRPG's on-the-fly drawing capabilities.
  • Textured shapes -- Confirmed v2 feature
    The shape tools should have a texture-fill feature.
  • Borderless shapes
    Being able to place shapes without the line border would be nice. This could perhaps be done by combining the filled / unfilled shapes tools and allowing the user to select Transparent as a color.
  • Size Indicator
    There should be something that (optionally) displays the current size of a line / circle while it is being drawn, so you can know (for example) that you are creating a 27 foot circle. (or the current Ranging tool could be integrated)
  • Text Label Editor
    Using the text label tool on an existing label should allow you to edit it.
    Additionally, placing labels on the map should just create a small input box. A separate tool or panel should be used to customize the font / size / etc
    Similarly, the font / size customization features of the Label tool could be combined with the Edit Object panel. Resizing / rotating / offsetting the labels is handy, and it would be nice to be able to change font after placing the label.
  • Marker Tool
    Although there are some flag objects included in BRPG that can be used in conjunction with the Text label tool, it would be nice to extend the labels to allow you to include markers. Markers would be a set of small images the user could select from that would appear next to the text. Users should be able to browse through the markers using hotkeys (such as the arrow keys) while placing labels, and it should be possible to place markers without text using the same tool. Obviously the user should be able to add new markers by putting them in a specified folder.
    Markers would be used for things like arrows, flags, and other indicators relevant to the text labels to which they are attached.
  • Eyedropper Tool
    An eyedropper tool would allow users to pick from existing colors on the map, so that lines and shapes could match.
  • User-friendly Instructions
    The drawing tools are fairly self-explanatory. A couple things are not very obvious though.
    New users probably won't realize that you can CTRL+click on a tool to make it stay on after each use.
    It also may not be obvious that you need to double-click to stop using the Continuous Line (aka "Polygon") tool.
  • Drawing Tool Retention Preference
    Some people feel that, intuitively, all drawing tools should be turned off once the drawing panel (or similarly, FoW panel) is closed. However, users with low resolution might want to close the panel while they're drawing in order to get more work room.
    To account for this, there should be a preferences setting that determines how the drawing tools behave when the panels are closed. A checkbox like this would work:
    [x] Maintain cursor mode after associated panel is closed.
  • Marquee / Lasso Tool
    It would be nice to be able to select an existing portion of the map and use that as a texture for stamps & texture fills.
  • Graphics from Clipboard
    Similarly, it would be nice to be able to paste a graphic copied from another application as a unit or texture in BRPG.
  • Graphics from Scan
    heruca once mentioned this feature:
    heruca wrote:Scan directly into BRPG: one-click TWAIN-compliant scanning and importing of a graphic
    (presumably to allow you to quickly freehand draw a map on a sheet of paper and quickly convert that into a BRPG map.
  • Ping/Pointer Tool
    Allow the GM (and maybe the players) to zap the map (plays a sound and shows a short animation) to draw attention to a location.
    The purpose of this would be for quick pointing, so it would have to be somehow tied to a mouse-click.

    NOTE: In the meantime, BRPG comes with flag objects that can be used as makeshift pointers. BRPG also has a text label tool.
  • Laser Pointer
    A more advanced version of the pointer tool that would allow the GM to show his mouse movements to the players when in use.
    Possibly toggled on/off or activated by a modifier key.
  • Tessellated Background
    The ability to populate the entire BRPG map background with a tile would save a lot of time and RAM in situations where you're using a repeating texture, such as grass or stone, to cover a large area.

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Post by nightwalker450 » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:47 pm

My players are asking about a Ping/Pointer for them to use. For now I'll have to give them markers they can place. Perhaps just give them to one or two players (not everyone), basically their field commanders. :D

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