Summary Guidelines

A list maintained by Omnidon to provide a recap of all user-submitted feature requests for BRPG.
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Summary Guidelines

Post by Omnidon » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:13 pm

The purpose of my list is to provide an easy-to-read summary of past suggestions and upcoming features.

Here are a few basic guidelines for using this summary:
  • The summary is a permanent work-in-progress. Although I will continually revise & update the summary whenever I have the time, topics may not always be up-to-date. I will indicate what version the topic is relevant to at the top of each thread.
  • I'm far from perfect. The summaries usually only include about 70% of the user suggestions, although I usually hit all the major ones. If you see any that are missing, feel free to point them out.
  • Rather than posting suggestions directly in the summary topics, please just post links to the relevant discussion threads. If you have a new suggestion, feel free to post it in the feedback forum.
  • Old suggestions from the summary that get implemented into BRPG will be moved to the Completion Log (once they are tested and confirmed working). The log is NOT intended as a comprehensive list of new features. Its purpose is to prevent users from wondering why a suggestion disappeared from one of the topics.
  • Not all suggestions will be implemented, and some may take a while, but the idea is to make sure we keep our options open. The developer will use as many of the ideas as he can manage, starting with what he feels are the highest priority.
  • Remember that you can help the developer choose his priorities by voting in the polls and posting new suggestions.
Feel free to contact heruca or me with any questions.

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