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Completion Log

Posted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:01 am
by Omnidon
Here I will move any suggestions that have been implemented into BRPG (once they are tested and confirmed working).

This will NOT be a comprehensive list of new features.

This thread is here merely to prevent people from wondering why a suggestion disappeared from one of the other threads.

I will also post the final results of old polls here, since I will have to reset the polls every time a bunch of suggestions are implemented.

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 4:19 am
by Omnidon


Suggested features added between last summary overhaul and v1.3f:
  • Doodles & Shapes
    BRPG now has basic drawing tools.
  • Text
    BRPG now has a text labeling tool.
  • Color Selector
    BRPG now lets you choose colors for your drawings.
  • Hidden Drawings
    BRPG now lets you choose whether your drawings are hidden or revealed by default.
  • Assigning Artwork
    It is now possible to assign multiple graphics (poses) to figures and switch between them manually.
  • Drag Select
    The ability to select multiple units by click+dragging the mouse over an area.
  • Center Map Alignment
    Currently the map is always aligned to the upper left corner. A user requested the ability to have it centered.
  • Audio Filetypes
    • .MP3
      MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
      (A standard compressed audio filetype)

      Macromedia Shockwave music
      (MPEG-1 Layer III with special header)

      .AU / .AUFF
      uLaw/AU Audio File
      (Common format on non-windows machines)

      .AIF / .AIFF
      Audio Interchange File
      (An uncompressed Mac audio file, similar to Wav)
Closed Topics:


Suggested features added between v1.0.8 and v1.09a:
  • Custom Dice Graphics
    It is now possible to add custom dice graphics.
  • Custom Dice Macros
    A dice macro feature is now available.
  • Modifiers
    It is now possible to extensively customize the modifiers on the dice.
  • Any Dice
    It is now possible to create custom dice through the X-die feature.
Closed Topics:


Suggested features added between v1.0.7 and v1.08:
  • Masking / Unmasking Tools
    There are now Fog of War masking / unmasking drawing tools available from the FoW panel and by hotkey.
Restarted Polls:


Suggested features added between v1.0.2b and v1.07:
  • Check for Updates
    BRPG now will allow you to check for updates from within BRPG.
  • Unit Portraits
    It is now possible to add a floating mouse-over portrait to units.
  • Multiple Unit Selection
    You can now select multiple units at once.
  • Cut, Copy, & Paste
    You can now Copy & Paste units.
    You can't Cut, but that won't really be important until tabbed encounters are added.
  • Disambiguation on "Save as Default"
    The feature previously labeled "Save as Default" is now called Apply to All, although this function still needs to be divided into two separate features.
  • Pop-Out Chat
    The chat window now is in a floating panel.
  • Download from Server
    You can now send maps to players from a server to get around the 2 MB Limit and slow transfer rates.
  • Automatic Naming
    Units are now named and incremented automatically.
  • Varied Bases
    It is now possible to specify different base types for each figure.
Closed Topics:
(Merged into Unit Management)

(Merged into Unit Management)

Restarted Polls:


Suggested features added between RC2a and v1.0.2b:
  • Navigating the User Manual
    The table of contents in the PDF should be converted into anchor links to make it quicker and easier to look specific things up.
  • Disable Sound Effects
    There is now an option in the preferences to toggle on/off the chat interface sound effects.
  • Mouse Scrolling Off
    There is now an option in the preferences to toggle on/off mouse scrolling.
  • Visual Aid Tooltip
    Some users were unsure how to close visual aids.
    A tooltip that says "Double-Click to Close" now pops up when the mouse is over a visual aid.
  • Right-Click Scrolling
    It is now possible to 'grab' and scroll the map by holding the right mouse button.
    The unit placement context menu has been moved and now is accessed by doubleclicking.
  • Scrollwheel Zoom
    It is now possible to zoom in and out using the scrollwheel. This feature is currently only supported in Windows.
  • New Hotkeys for Zoom
    Zooming with the keyboard now requires that the CTRL key be held while pressing the Up or Down Arrow key.
  • Zoom Distortion
    Graphic sizes has been updated to support the great zoom resolutions, greatly minimizing distortion when zooming.
  • Zoom from Centerpoint
    Zooming is now based on the center of the view rather than the upper left corner.
  • Mouse Dragging
    Dragging units with the mouse is now fairly reliable.
  • GM Force Focus
    GMs are now able to force the players' view to center on a chosen spot.
    Further improvements to this feature will still be added.
  • Save Login Settings
    BRPG now saves the last-used login settings.
  • User Manual
    Added an option in the menu that opens the user manual from within BRPG.
  • 2 MB Limit for Maps
    There is now a feature that breaks the map image into pieces and sends it bit-by-bit, which gets around the 2 MB file transfer limitation in BRPG.
    The limitation still applies to all other files though.
  • Edit Unit Properties
    It is now possible to edit initial settings after a unit has been placed.
Closed Topics:
(All features added)

(Key feature added and others moved)

Restarted Polls:


Suggested features added between RC1 and RC2a:
  • Hex Grid
    Hex grids are now supported.
  • Snap to Grid Disabling
    It is now possible to disable Snap-to-Grid.
  • Drag & Drop Units
    It is now possible to drag & drop units with the mouse. Note that this feature has yet to be perfected.
  • Custom Grids
    You can now place custom grid graphics in the Grids folder and select them from the BRPG preferences.
  • FoW Masking / Unmasking Tools
    The ability to force-conceal and force-reveal patches of map on a cell-by-cell basis with a mouse-click has been added. Check out the improved Fog of War panel.

    Note that there will also be ways to draw this effect onto the map once Drawing Tools are added.
  • Map Zooming
    The map zooming feature has been added! (Currently the +/- keys)
    Keep in mind though that it has very limited functionality at the moment due to incomplete implementation.
Restarted Polls: