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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:20 am
by nortonweb
But then I have to save out the media bundle otherwise the link between the two gets broken :(

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:25 am
by heruca
In that case, look at my last post again for a way to avoid re-exporting your media bundle. Just edit the Encounter file and replace whatever is in the slot where I wrote "myMediaBundleName" with the name of the media bundle that you've already exported.

Posted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:06 am
by heruca
Kazander wrote:2. FoW menu: Blackout Client Screens button misbehaving. Graphic doesnt change when I toggle it, so I cant actually tell when its pressed or not. I have to depend on my players to tell me.
This is fixed for v1.3. I've also made the button's text turn bold whenever Blackout is enabled, because on certain OS's & themes, it is not very clear when this type of button is pressed or not.
Kazander wrote:3. Overlay problems with Dynamic FoW and hexgrid. Screenshot shows problems with the hexgrid.
This is fixed for v1.3, though I still need to run some multiuser tests to make absolutely sure.

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:46 pm
by heruca
The issue with the mis-sized grid overlay and FoW overlays is fixed for v1.2g, as well.

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:20 am
by Surge

I am so happy I found this thread! I am so relieved that its not just an issue with my computer.

I am having the exact same problem with the drop down menu's backgrounds changing to either Black or Red.

I am experiencing it in both v1.3e and 1.3f without a liscense, as I am going through the program with a fine tooth comb before committing to buying a liscense, and I am sorry to say that I can forsee that this innocent cosmetic bug will annoy the hell out of me if I end up using BRPG to run a campaign with my friends.

I would like to add that I have 2GB of memory, running on XP Service Pack 2.

Maybe its a graphics card issue? Just in case it helps, I've got an Nvidia Geforce 7800 GT

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:33 am
by heruca
Does changing your desktop theme help?

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:02 pm
by Surge
I've played around for a bit after changing my 'Windows and Buttons' from 'Windows XP Style' to 'Windows Classic Style', and it has not happened yet, which is good news I guess, as you know where it coming from now possibly?

Also, the whole program seems to run alot smoother now, much more quickly.

I don't want to have to change my computer properties everytime I want to use BRPG. Do you think this could be fixed sometime in the future?

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:21 am
by Surge

I've been playing around with it some more, and here is what I have discovered:

The Red/Black background colour of the dropdown menus is certainly related to the "Windows and Buttons" setting in the 'Display Properties' under the 'Appearance' tab (To clarify, Desktop>Right-click>Properties>Appearance>Windows and Buttons).

When the bug occured, and the menu colours became discoloured and the text unreadable, without closing BRPG I changed the appearance to the 'Windows Classic Style', and when I maximized BRPG again, the menus were fixed.

However, after reverting back to the usual 'Windows XP Style' appearance, the discolouring had returned.

Hope this information helps.

PS. This is with v1.4

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:08 pm
by BTS1967
Surge wrote:Hi,

I am having the exact same problem with the drop down menu's backgrounds changing to either Black or Red.
I just got BRPG installed on my new PC and am having the same issue with Vista, 3gig ram, and Nvidia 8800 GTS (1gig memory on the video card). I had the above occur on BRPG 1.4.

Two work around fixes for this; neither ideal due to the time Vista takes to implement the change but at least functional.

1. Switch style to Windows XP.
2. For Vista basic style, go into advanced options and change 3D Object text color to something that will show up on both windows... I use a medium blue and it shows up against the black background in the object & on the various places objects have text... such as all of the windows and the control panel.


Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:38 pm
by Surge
1. Switch style to Windows XP.
Really? It is occuring when I am using the Windows XP style. I am running it on XP, so I can change it to 'Windows Classic style', which prevents it from happening.