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BUG: Floating License Timeout (RC2) [FIXED]

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:02 pm
by Omnidon
RC2 Public:

When I connect a demo client to a GM client with 5 floating licenses, it never even prompts me whether I want to allow the use of a floating license.

After 45 minutes, the demo client times out.

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:31 pm
by heruca
Damn! I had that working perfectly yesterday. What the heck happened? :shock:

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:51 pm
by Omnidon
Still a problem in RC2a

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:49 am
by Halebop
Further to this in the license panel on the GM client it doesn't seem to recognize that there are unlicensed users connected. The "transfer to" dropdown reads "No unlicensed users connected" (even though I have my unlicensed laptop networked in BRPG and talking to the host in chat).

Unfortunately this is stopping me from testing the functionality of the demo module because I am restricted to the 1st 10 objects (although my maps aren't trasnferring anyway because they are above the 2mb limit when uncompressed).

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:24 pm
by heruca
Permanent license transfers will be a v1.1 feature.

I'll see about adding in something to notify the GM about how many of his floating licenses are being used. That's probably an oversight on my part.