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Bug Report Posting Guidelines

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2005 5:05 am
by Halebop
Here are some guidelines for posting. This will change and evolve over time:

Please stick to one bug or issue per thread. Please attempt a search for the bug before posting to a new thread. A bugllist is located at the top of the Bugs forum, it can be worth searching that too.

When describing the bug please also advise what operating system and version you are using.

Feel free to post usability issues here too. If they aren't critical to running a generic RPG online we may move them to the Feedback Forum instead. Please don't be offended if this occurs. It doesn't diminish the importance of your viewpoint. It merely recognizes that this forum is primarily to discuss bugs and not enhancements.

If a bug is resolved a moderator or admin will update the original (or primary) thread title to indicate resolution.

Edit: Updated 31/12/05