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Creating two-sided units

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:14 am
by KeithS
Hi, I am creating a game which uses two-sided playing tokens one side for a 'normal' unit and the other side for when the unit is suppressed/exhausted. To do this I have created individual minis for each side and am associating them by placing a mini and going into Token> Add Token and choosing the corresponding second mini thus creating a two-sided unit. In order to avoid doing this every time I set up the playing board I am then saving each mini as a deployment which can be loaded during the game se-up. As I have about a hundred different mini types in the game this is quite a time consuming process, so I wanted to check if this is the best way of achieving what I require and if there are any potential problems of which I should be aware before going too far down this route. Thanks

Re: Creating two-sided units

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:15 pm
by heruca
There are a number of approaches you could take for accomplishing this task, but nothing significantly faster than what you are already doing.

Do you have any suggestions for how the process could be made faster? Perhaps a command along the lines of "Make a Deployment file for each selected unit"? The unit name could be applied to the name of of the Deployment file.

Re: Creating two-sided units

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 8:46 am
by KeithS
Certainly a save option for multi-token units would be helpful, saving them either as deployments or as a specific category of multi-token units (as opposed to normal minis or components). Since this would normally be a one-off exercise during game creation rather than something done at set-up for an individual game, would it be possible to (say) have two (or more) directories each with a copy of the particular token side (e.g. a front and rear directory) the token files within the different directories could then be matched by name, creating multi-token units which could then be saved to a relevant directory. The initial matched directories could then be discarded if the user wishes.

Alternatively or additionally could the create multi-token unit command be expanded to allow a user to select a set of tokens from within a category, rather than all tokens within a category, to create a multi-token unit. A save option could also be included within this command.

Those are my suggestions, which may or may not be feasible within the BGGE environment.