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Dice Macros Enhancment

Post by pelwer » Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:59 pm

First of all, I need to complement the development team on this tool. I've been using openrpg for years and this is a huge leap forward in both the technology and interface for this type of application. Really well done!

I've played with the demo for a week and watched the videos and am greatly impressed. The only issue that I have is that I am a RuneQuest player, not a D&D player. While BRPG is generic, it is not really efficient for a game like RQ.

RQ uses a % based skill system where the player must roll less than or equal to their skill after modifiers are applied.

Let me provide two examples for discussion:

In RQ a single attack involves rolling to hit, damage, location, and potentially a roll on the fumble table. Additionally, RQ supports 'special' successes which are less powerful than criticals, but more powerful than normal hits. Also, if the user has martial arts and is attacking HTH, additional damage may be applied depending on the initial attack roll. Every character knows magic spells in RQ so additional modifiers to attack and damage are common.

First, I'll work through the how BRPG would handle the attack roll. This is based on watching the video and experimenting with the demo so feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong.

I would set up 6 macro's:
attack, hit location, damage, critical damage, special damage, fumble

To do an attack I'd have to right click on the active figure 1-4 times to activate these macros based on the success of the attack. In a combat with 10 goblins, that's 10-40 right clicks for me as GM. And since I like to mix up my goblins with hell hounds, I'd have to set up 6 more macro's and do more right clicks.

In OpenRPG, the die rollers are custom python code that computer savy users write. Once set up, not an easy task, the user can simply call the function from interface, similar to how you can right click on a figure in BRPG, but I could edit the function parameters before executing the macro. The attack macro looks like this:

Goblin uses Scimitar [1d100.attack(66,0,0,3,8,4,0)]

Where the parameters are:
Skill%, Modifier, Martial Arts Skill, Min Damage,
Max Damage, Points of TrueSword spell

Inside the code of the macro, special, critical and fumbles are handled and additional damage is also figured. The output looks like this:

Goblin uses Scimitar [1d100.attack(66,0,0,3,8,4,0)] => (8) vs [66+0]
Special! Damage: {6-16+4}[19] to the [6] Left Leg

Now, the intent of this long winded post is not to ask you to recreate openrpg in BRPG, but to consider providing extensions to the current system to make it even more generic.

Here are some suggestions. Of course you know your tool way better than I, so take this with a grain of salt. These capabilities would allow me to migrate my campaigns to BRPG:

1. Provide a way of stringing macros together to call them all with 1 click.

This enables rolling my [attack, hit location, damage, critical damage, special damage, fumble] macros all at once an then deciding which to use based on the attack result. Lots of extra junk coming to the output, but it gets the job done. The ability to to string sets of macros together to allow play to proceed more efficiently.

2. Provide for math functions to determine special, critical and fumble results.

In RQ:
special = round ( Skill% / 5 )
critical = round ( Skill% / 20 )
fumble = 100 - floor( (100 - Skill%) / 20 )

This way, if I change the Skill% in the dice macro window, the special, critical, fumble scores all recalculate.

3. Provide the ability to write Dice macros in plain text that BRPG could import.

RQ Monsters have the exact same stats as characters and as such have a wide range of skill% to keep track of. I have found the easiest way to accomplish this is with a simple perl scrip that generates the monsters and their skills.

There may be better ways to doing all this, and I am open to suggestion. I would really love to take advantage of this great tool

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Post by heruca » Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:10 pm

Welcome, pelwer.

Lots to think about, there. I'm not planning a substantial rewrite of the Dice Roller in v1.x, but a few tweaks may make it into a future release.

I'd like to link dice macros together, for starters. And a way to reprocess a roll by editing the modifiers while preserving the original dice rolls sounds like it may be useful.

But perhaps most useful of all will be implementing a faster means of rolling, to cut down on the number of mouseclicks required.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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