Before I Buy

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Before I Buy

Post by Urlord » Wed May 09, 2012 9:17 pm

I am considering buying a copy of BRPG RPG Edition, GM Client and a BRPG RPG Edition, Floating license. But before I do, I want to understand a few things:
  1. I assume Player, but want to clarify. Is the floating license for a Player, or GM?
  2. I travel almost every week for work and spend a lot of time in hotels.
    As a GM, I am concerned that I will not be able to host through the hotel's firewall or from my company Laptop (I cannot open specific ports).
    Does the GM Client Host through a website (HTTP), or is it a local server (specific ports)? Please explain the process of hosting for me.
  3. I play Pathfinder. Do folks have any experience playing Pathfinder using BRPG?
    Are there plugins for the Pathfinder character sheets/templates somewhere?
  4. I like to create my own maps and adventures, How difficult is this to do without buying the art packs?
  5. Is there anyway to try before I buy so I will know that I can host games from a hotel and on my laptop?

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Post by heruca » Thu May 10, 2012 11:16 am

Welcome, Urlord.

1. The Floating Licenses are installed on the GM Client, and each is effectively a free seat at the virtual gaming table, which anyone can take advantage of by logging in using just the free Demo. Floating Licenses are effectively a means by which a GM can pay for their players' software, so that the players themselves don't have to pay anything at all.

2. You can use VPN software like Hamachi to allow yourself to host games at hotels, in college dorms, or anywhere where you do not have access to the router and thus have no control over port-forwarding.

3. I'm not familiar with the system, and don't recall seeing much if anything posted for it on these forums, insofar as system configuration files or the like.

4. BRPG is not a mapping program per-se, but you can certainly assemble maps in it using files that you download for free, such as from the Dundjinni user forums or The commercial artpacks that are available for BRPG are designed to save you time that you would have to spend gathering such images yourself.

5. The free Demo has enough functionality to allow you to test out the software, host short "test game" sessions, and generally evaluate it pretty fully without spending any money up front.
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