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Screenshots for BRPG

The following screenshots are provided to give you an idea of what the in-game graphics look like. Note that most of these are partial screens only. The viewable area in BRPG is actually much bigger.

Click on a thumbnail image to view the picture full size in a new window.

1. What the Players see with the Fog of War feature in use 2. What the GM sees with the Fog of War feature in use
Map by Hernan Ruiz Camauer
(aka Heruca)
Map by Hernan Ruiz Camauer
(aka Heruca)

3. The Turn Sequencer determines who goes next in combat by listing all the units in acting order (top-most unit acts first). It is auto-sorting and can be used to track important data or store brief notes. 4. Here the Turn Sequencer has been configured to show token images, health status, and d20-style data, but you can configure it to show whatever data you want, for any game system.
Map and tokens created by Vry

5. Map made from tiles
6. User-submitted screenshot
Cavern tiles created by Cyberdrake
at dreamweavedworlds.com
Screenshot submitted by Vry

7. Fog of War Overlays can be used to conceal the interiors of buildings until they have been explored. 8. Here the door has been opened, so the GM has used the Fog of War tools to cut away a piece of the Overlay, thus revealing the contents of the first room.
Screenshot submitted by Cisticola Screenshot submitted by Cisticola

9. A powerful Dice Roller supports most common dice rolling mechanics (e.g., target numbers, critical successes/failures, open-ended or exploding rolls, drop lowest/highest, count successes, etc.) without requiring any user-end scripting. 10. The Die Roll Results screen for
the roll that was set up in the
previous screenshot.

Die rolls can be public or private,
and your common rolls can be saved
as Dice Macros.

11. The virtual card table can come in handy for RPG systems that rely on randomly-drawn cards (e.g., Savage Worlds) or even those that resolve conflicts using Poker-style hands (e.g. Deadlands).

With the GM Client, you can even create your own custom card decks (e.g., Inventory Decks or Powers decks).

Map made with Dundjinni mapping software.

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