Request/Suggestion for Future of Battlegrounds

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Request/Suggestion for Future of Battlegrounds

Post by Seeker » Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:51 pm

Hello Hernan/Heruca,

I've been a long-time fan and watcher of your product, but never a buyer. At the risk of provoking negativity from other supporters, I'm going to share my reasons for not buying, as well as my suggestions for the future of this product because I'd like to use it and support the dev. I'd also like to see the user base grow and the product(s) continue on into the foreseeable future.

My issues:

1. Monetization: I think you need a better pricing plan. So many things to purchase to start that keep adding up makes me not want to spend any money at all. You have to make money, but you need a plan that works well to encourage a larger user base to make that happen. The current plan does not work well. Your pricing may have worked well ten years ago, but things have changed significantly in the market since then. Asking players to buy something or forcing the GM to buy something to allow a number of players to play looks like a money grab to a lot of people these days. Consider dropping the client purchase portion of your sales and put the power of the game into the GM's hands to do as they please.

2. Marketing: Your website must be updated regularly. When I see a link to visit your Patreon, then I see nobody supporting your Patreon, then I see that subscriptions were ended some time ago, this makes me ask why the link to your Patreon is still posted on your website at all. Also, warning people flat out that Nvidia users might not be able to use your product without providing suggested fix info right there (I know it's available in your forums, but it should have something posted right in that space on your website where you're warning them the product might not work). You also should have a warning on the store page--at least a link to the Nvidia info on the system requirements page. And that info needs to stand out clearly for the sheeples to see without skimming past it. People need information available immediately if you want to keep their interest and get the sale. Most won't bother looking for the fix in your forums. If you don't give serious attention to your website, you're never going to get the big bucks, and BGX will never be a thing. The forums look like something from the turn of the century. Update. Update. Update. Some years ago, you said that banking might be added to BGE, has it been? This should be made plain. Update.

3. Tutorials: You've been doing this for how many years, but I see only the aliens total war tutorial for BGE. You've either got to find someone in the community to do this for you, pay someone to do it, do it yourself, or, at the very least if others exist, you must have a channel on Youtube that plays them in a play list so that the potential buyer can just watch to their hearts' contentment. When I watch part 1, part 2 should be the next video up on autoplay. I should not have to specifically search for it.

4. Clarity: This is lacking overall. Too much of your information is scattered across too many pages. Too little of needful things are available at all. BGE should create the client-ware/executable automatically without user having to go through folders and move things around. For the price you're asking for your products, I can download Unity for free, download some basic assets, buy some special packs, and create a game myself. Clarify and/or improve what you're offering. Maybe, if someone makes a prototype of their own game, you could allow them to automatically create an executable that they could then monetize. I'm not sure if any of this has even been considered, and that's a problem for you because it means lost sales if it's a possibility.

5. Split Interests: I play all types of games, but I'm not dropping my loot for all the different options you have posted here. Just too many purchases you're asking for to do what should be included in one package. My suggestion for your future is that you consider a new improved game engine for future sales. Make it capable of handling the things in both previous sides (BGRPG/BGE), sell it for a reasonable price on Steam ($29.99) since it is essentially competing in a vast market against many free options (granted, they don't do all this does), decent number of free clients included with that price. Consider a pro-licensing tier or 2 with more client access included, and possible monetization of automatically generated executables. Something like this would feel like less of a cash grab which consumers are sensitive to now. For the kind of money you're asking, I should be able to combine the elements of both of your products into one game and have a good number of players join for free.

No hate, please. These are just suggestions to help this community/developer to prosper. If others don't like them, feel free to ignore me. Or, if you like something from them, consider taking what you like and ditching the rest. I just cannot justify spending what you want here. I think the market has been saying something similar to you for a while. Good luck. I'll check back in the days to come to see how things are going.

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Re: Request/Suggestion for Future of Battlegrounds

Post by heruca » Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:02 pm

Thanks for the feedback, Seeker.

Frankly, I've always wondered how the Roll20 Marketplace and the FG Store deal with the criticism of having so many products for sale that it would be too expensive to purchase it all. That's an unfair criticism, of course, but I get that a lot with MapForge, too, because I keep coming out with new content for it and it all starts to really add up. But it was never the plan that anyone would even consider purchasing everything.

I always say it's a bit like saying you won't buy a smartphone because there are so many apps for it you could begin to purchase them all. Duh! You're not supposed to! Just pick up what you need. I recommend that people favor highly reusable content over one-shot content, when making their purchasing decisions here.

I always thought that BGE was quite competitive compared to, say Tabletop Simulator, since with TTS, every single player has to buy the $15 client, whereas all versions of BGE include between 1 and 15 player seats. But TTS won out in the end, due to the immense quantity of unauthorized game modules released for it.

You see my products like a money grab, but I say the subscription-based apps are the real money grab. Some people bought BRPG over a decade ago and never paid another dime beyond that initial price. That works out to a couple dollars a year, if they used it all that time. Have people ever stopped to think about how much it adds up to pay a subscription for 10 years?

I do have a playlist for the BGE tutorials on YouTube. It's here: ... ztgUuCXAYT

And an equivalent game=porting one for BRPG is here: ... DBDA418D46

Feature-specific tutorials for BRPG are here, in yet another playlist: ... SSTYTmTsJp

Not sure why you had to hunt around and search for them. They're also on the Video Tutorials & Demos page.

And I have significantly lowered the price of BRPG licenses to account for the increased competition in the VTT marketplace. It didn't help, even in the wake of the recent Roll20 fiasco.

I completely agree that the forum is terribly dated, and the site needs cleaning up, to consolidate information. But since both BRPG and BGE are end-of-life (they work, but aren't actively developed anymore), I don't see it happening. More than likely, this site and forum will eventually vanish so I can focus all my attention on MapForge, since that's what pays the rent, these days.
:arrow: Please help spread the word about BRPG and BGE, and never hesitate to tell me how I can make them better suit your gaming needs.

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